About PowerLink


A Corporation of Vision
Quality, Innovation, Stability, Financial strength.
Our reputation is built on the principle of being a world leader in the engine driven energy equipment industry for more than 20 years, applying these technologies and experience to energy equipment equipped with diesel and gas engines.

400+ Employees ( 80+ in
R&D and other expertises are well
distributed across our branches)

90,000+ Products Worldwide
(Diesel & Gas generators, Lighting
Towers and Air Compressors are in
operation globally )

Global Coverage (Compliant with various standards in different regions. Already operating in more than 80 countries)

3 Plants (2 in Headquarter and
1 in the UK, all capable of manufacturing
open, canopy containerised
type generators)

EST. 2001 (PowerLink was
founded in 2001, coming towards
20 years of manufacturing history)

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PowerLink's Path Of Development

Through the Years Of in-Depth Development in Our Products And Solutions, PowerLink Has

transferred ourself from a single product manufacturer, to a total power solutions provider


Product Diversification – PowerLink products to the fields on industry, agriculture, and business, as well as development in the rental sector, providing power, air and lighting.

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PowerLink Born – Establishment of PowerLink, to provide services to local industrial users.


Globalisation – Strengthen the spread of global businesses and build global service network.

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Further Development – Set up of new factory focusing on product R&D, manufacturing, marketing & sales services,
the company’s development reached to a new level. This step was a step closer to the goal of being the first in the industry.


The New Power Generation- GAS – Sustainable R&D investment, the launch of the first
gas cogeneration product, and biogas cogeneration units have been brought online one after another, with the goal of leading the industry development.

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British factory, Opening up a New Era – In the United Kingdom and Australia, we have established a branch office to provide
more convenient services and fast delivery for customers in Europe and the Pacific region.


Deep Development in the industry – PowerLink in Mobile Energy and Distribution. Vertical and in-depth
developments of these two major energy industries.

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Acquired First prize of National Distributed Energy – Distributed energy products are first recognised by national parties. They are used in equipment research and development, manufacturing distribution, engineering, services, distributed energy construction and investment in energy field.

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Deep Management of PowerLink – PowerLink Headquarter’s new building completion, officially put into use on the 2nd of August. A new starting point, with new goals and developments, the company now will go deep into brand management

Iso 9001:2015

Eu - Ce Safety Standard

We strictly implement the ISO 9001:2015 product quality system from concept to the finished product. Each product will undergo a strict and standard manufacture, test and inspection to ensure reliable quality. We will provide our customers with a complete test report for each export product in strict accordance with the EU-CE, UL and AS safety standard to produce the best product that fits in with different regional standards.

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