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PowerLink’s diesel, and screw driven air compressors have the main characteristics of strong power, stable performance, highly economical, efficiency and environmentally friendly. From stationary units to portable sets, it is all designed to provide our clients with a range of options to satisfy different application requirements. The maximum reach for PowerLink air compressors can be up to 24 Bar with a maximum rating of 1400CFM. Alongside with the easy operation system, the machine can be started with a push of a button. High quality sound attenuation technique and designs have been adopted to reduce the noise to the minimal as certain applications can be in a quiet zone.



  • The principal machine adopts a twin-screw rotor and is directly connected with the diesel engine by highly flexible coupling.
  • The PowerLink super-silent structure is utilised in this design. The resistance integrated silencer structure can effectively reduce all noises in the middle and high frequency bands.
  • Control system adopts digital technology with microprocessor as core control switch and indicating instrument are integrated at the same panel, which can facilitate real-time monitoring of operator.
  • One-button start, clear operational parameters, personalised operating system, intelligent control, multiple warning and shutdown protection functions.
  • Battery isolator switch, fuel pump, fuel gauge, folder, together with control cabinet are located on the same side to facilitate operation.
  • Economical size design of unit can reduce transportation costs. Double hanger structure of the machine can guarantee the lifting centre without affecting operation and maintenance space.
  • For portable sets, height-adjustable goose neck design is equipped with rotatable outriggers in which height can also be easily adjusted, which is applicable to various outdoor conditions.


Our 3 manufacturing plants across the globe ensures fast product delivery, with spare parts stock largely available and a professional R&D team behind the scenes for technical enquiries throughout pre-sales, and after-sales. We also utilise multiple online platforms as a knowledge base to support our partners.



We have manufactured a series of screw air compressors for municipal construction, factory production, mining, port and ship building. The gas supply flow rate is 2-45m3/ h, and the gas supply pressure is 7-35bar, which can meet the requirements of different gas consumption processes, with our compressors available as a diesel engine screw compressor unit, natural gas screw compressor unit and motor driven screw compressor unit, each of which can be selected according to different application conditions.

These products are equipped with Tier 4, EU stage V and stage III emission engines, and can be applied upon request

The motor control mode of VFS (variable frequency speed) & fs (fixed frequency speed) and three pole energy efficiency standard can be selected, and the record of stable operation for more than 10 years can be obtained.

Optional DR, ASME, GB pressure equipment certification, can be used in different countries and regions.

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