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Rental Power

Power is required to meet the demand for short term power rental.. Application fields include but not limited to festival events, roadside constructions, factories. Stage IIIA and Stage V units are available to use.


Emergency Back Up

 During the case of emergency power demand such as rescue sites, the functionality of PowerLink diesel generator sets can support and offer power at a timely manner. Connection, Diesel, On!


Oil and Gas

In the field of oil and gas, drilling and digging is essential as a process in this industry. For a stable, reliable business operation, rely on PowerLink diesel units!



Rigid & galvanised base frame, precise design of openings, and robust enclosure offers all what is required at a mining site. Extra optional items can be selected for extra protection against corrosions..



In telecommunication, The diesel generator set can be set to run at a continuous mode to supply power on a continue basis, or can be set to start during power shortages from grid.


Data Center

An industry that relies on power at every second, reliable diesel generators from PowerLink will be the solution. If there is one on standby, why not have another one operating at continuous mode!


Power Station

Power station that requires generators on base load operation and it is critical to support industry buildings, infrastructures and residentials with 2MW+ sized. PowerLink could offer modification and customization.



Moving from one site to another, the diesel generator set will undoubtedly have to be robust. PowerLink could offer a stationary set or a portable set depending on your requirements, your call, our offer!


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