Diesel Generators

Our diesel generators can cover global emission and electrical standards, with a wide power range from 6KVA to 4000KVA, no emission, Stage III emission, Euro Stage V emission, Tier 4 final emission. These products are effectively provided, and their parameters comply with, CE, UL electrical standards.

Diesel Generators 7KVA - 2500KVA


QSV series diesel generator sets, a new series of PowerLink products,  with power range of 7KVA – 2500KVA which are powered by PowerLink, Lister Petter, Perkins, Kubota and Cummins engines and alternators. Products are cost effective with selected parts, and can be used as a standby power supply for investors to meet different application needs.

It can meet the needs of a data centre, medical, manufacturing, public facilities, construction and many other applications. QSV can provide prime performance under the most testing conditions. It has high cost performance, stability, low noise and ease of use.

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Our reputation is based on the principle of more than 20 years’ leading position in the engine driven generator set industry in the world.

The application of these technologies and experiences in QSV series generator sets.

We insist on manufacturing more valuable, quality, environmental protection products to serve the global users.

If interested , you can to download page to download the selection chart, if need more information, please contact us directly, we will send you more specific information.
Product Family Model Frequency Emission Engine Brand Engine Model Prime Power
Prime Power
Standby Power
Standby Power
Structure Specification
MC-EU QSV27CS-EU 50HZ Non Cummins 4B3.9-G1 27 21.6 30 24 Canopied
MC-EU QSV30CS-EU 50HZ Non Cummins 4B3.9-G12 30 24 34 27.2 Canopied
MC-EU QSV43CS-EU 50HZ Non Cummins 4BT3.9-G1 43 34.4 47 37.6 Canopied
MC-EU QSV60CS-EU 50HZ Non Cummins 4BTA3.9-G2 60 48 66 52.8 Canopied
MC-EU QSV80CS-EU 50HZ Non Cummins 4BTA3.9-G11 80 64 90 72 Canopied
MC-EU QSV100CS-EU 50HZ Non Cummins 6BT5.9-G2 100 80 110 88 Canopied
MC-EU QSV135CS-EU 50HZ Non Cummins 6BTAA5.9-G2 135 108 145 116 Canopied
MC-EU QSV150CS-EU 50HZ Non Cummins 6BTAA5.9-G12 150 120 165 132 Canopied
MC-EU QSV180CS-EU 50HZ Non Cummins 6CTA8.3-G2 180 145 200 160 Canopied
MC-EU QSV200CS-EU 50HZ Non Cummins 6CTAA8.3-G2 200 160 220 176 Canopied
MC-EU QSV250CS-EU 50HZ Non Cummins 6LTAA8.9-G2 250 200 264 211 Canopied
MC-EU QSV320CS-EU 50HZ Non Cummins 6LTAA9.5-G1 320 256 350 280 Canopied
MC-EU QSV380CS-EU 50HZ Non Cummins 6ZTAA13-G3 388 310.4 425 340 Canopied
MC-EU QSV440CS-EU 50HZ Non Cummins QSZ13-G2 438 350 468 375 Canopied
MC-EU QSV500CS-EU 50HZ Non Cummins QSZ13-G3 500 400 550 440 Canopied
MK-EU QSV7KS-EU 50HZ Non Kubota D905-BG 6.6 5.3 7.2875 5.83 Canopied
MK-EU QSV10KS-EU 50HZ Non Kubota D1105-BG 10 8 11 8.8 Canopied
MK-EU QSV15KS-EU 50HZ Non Kubota D1703-BG 15 12 16.5 13.2 Canopied
MK-EU QSV20KS-EU 50HZ Non Kubota V2203-BG 20 16 22 17.6 Canopied
MK-EU QSV30KS-EU 50HZ Non Kubota V3300-BG 30 24 33 26.4 Canopied
MK-EU QSV45KS-EU 50HZ Non Kubota V3800DI-T-BG 45 36 49.5 39.6 Canopied
MX-EU QSV10XS-EU 50HZ Non Potise 3D1.4G1 10 8 11 9 Canopied
MX-EU QSV15XS-EU 50HZ Non Potise 4D2.3G1 15 12 17 13 Canopied
MX-EU QSV20XS-EU 50HZ Non Potise 4D2.7G1 20 16 22 18 Canopied
MX-EU QSV30XS-EU 50HZ Non Potise 4D3.2G1 30 24 33 26 Canopied
MX-EU QSV45XS-EU 50HZ Non Potise 4D3.2TG2 45 36 49.5 40 Canopied
MX-EU QSV60XS-EU 50HZ Non Potise 4D4.1TG2 63 50 69 55 Canopied
MX-EU QSV70XS-EU 50HZ Non Potise 4D4.1TAG2 70 56 77 67 Canopied
MX-EU QSV90XS-EU 50HZ Non Potise 4D4.1TAG3 90 72 99 79 Canopied
MX-EU QSV110XS-EU 50HZ Non Potise 4D4.8TAG2 110 88 121 97 Canopied
MX-EU QSV125XS-EU 50HZ Non Potise 4D4.8TAG3 125 100 138 110 Canopied
MX-EU QSV165XS-EU 50HZ Non Potise 6D6.5TAG2 165 132 182 145 Canopied
MX-EU QSV200XS-EU 50HZ Non Potise 6D9.7TAG1 200 160 220 176 Canopied
MX-EU QSV250XS-EU 50HZ Non Potise 6D10TAG1 250 200 275 220 Canopied
MX-EU QSV325XS-EU 50HZ Non Potise 6D10TAG2 325 260 358 286 Canopied
MX-EU QSV375XS-EU 50HZ Non Potise 6D12TAG2 375 300 412 330 Canopied
MX-EU QSV450XS-EU 50HZ Non Potise 6D13TAG3 450 360 495 396 Canopied
MX-EU QSV500XS-EU 50HZ Non Potise 6D16TAG3 500 400 550 440 Canopied
MX-EU QSV625XS-EU 50HZ Non Potise 6D25TAG4 625 500 688 550 PT
MX-EU QSV800XS-EU 50HZ Non Potise 6D25TAG5 800 640 880 704 PT
MX-EU QSV900XS-EU 50HZ Non Potise 6D35TAG4 900 720 1000 800 PT
MX-EU QSV1000XS-EU 50HZ Non Potise 6D35TAG5 1000 800 1100 880 PT
MX-EU QSV1250XS-EU 50HZ Non Potise 12D39TAG5 1250 1000 1375 1100 Containerised
MX-EU QSV1500XS-EU 50HZ Non Potise 16D52TWG4 1500 1200 1650 1320 Containerised
MX-EU QSV1750XS-EU 50HZ Non Potise 16D52TWG5 1750 1400 1925 1540 Containerised
MX-EU QSV2000XS-EU 50HZ Non Potise 16D65TAG3 2000 1600 2200 1760 Containerised


PowerLink insists on R&D and innovation investment, and constantly improves product design and manufacturing level. We continuously launch high-quality products to ensure better product experience for clients.

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Having a global presence ensures fast product delivery, with spare parts stock largely available a professional R&D team behind the scene for technical enquiries through-
out pre-sales, and after-sales. We also utilise multiple online platforms as knowledge base to support our partners to deal with end users efficiently.


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Global Presence

PowerLink Group had been established for 20 years. We are recognised as a rapidly growing and continuously innovating power product manufacturer in the industry. Heavily investing in our R&D made our products here today.


Service is very important to me. PowerLink has its own service packages. Our natural gas to power projects, from the purchase of units, to the installation, commissioning, after-sales service and trusteeship, are handed over to PowerLink. They are highly professional and give them a five-star.

I like the diesel generator sets of PowerLink. What I recognise is the product quality. The stable operation of each unit in the project I’ve invested in makes my investment return more predictable. What I also recognise is the enterprise’s values and the fact that they make every electric power product well.

I have always trusted with PowerLink, because my power generation projects can be completely handed over to them. From every detail of the product, you can feel that they are very professional, the service team is quick to respond to problems, and they are experienced.

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