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A Corporation of Vision
Quality, Innovation, Stability, Financial strength.
Our reputation is built on the principle of being a world leader in the engine driven energy equipment industry for more than 20 years, applying these technologies and experience to energy equipment equipped with diesel and gas engines.



PowerLink has been working hard in the mobile energy industry for 20 years. PowerLink focuses on the long-term reputation of enterprise stability, product quality and financial strength.

We insist on manufacturing quality products, environmental protection products, valuable products to serve global users. PowerLink has two manufacturing plants managing more than 400,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Committed to success, we have used more than 150,000 engines from MAN, MWM, John Deere, Volvo, Kubota, Cummins, Perkins, and we know what the best engine is, and what brand series of engine are valuable to PowerLink generator.

We are 100% committed to helping our agents grow their business and bring them higher profits.

PowerLink UK facotry
PowerLink UK Diesel Generator Manufacturing Line

Corporation Strategy

Industrial Development

Today, we have set up factories and warehouses in Shanghai, UK, and warehouses in Australia to ensure fast delivery.

We also provide high-quality distribution and sales support to dealers in major regions of the world to help increase sales and provide quick service to these regions.

We are big enough to do the work you deliver but small enough to move quickly to meet your needs

Manufacture Possibility

  • High tech machines and advanced technology provide excellent quality.
  • The huge investment in advanced machinery sets Powerlink apart from all other manufacturing companies.
  • With the help of CNC machine, we can always surpass the strict requirements of market.
  • CNC laser cutting equipment
  • CNC parts forming equipment
  • CNC surface grinding equipment
  • Robot welding equipment
  • All kinds of engine production equipment
  • Automatic control system production line
  • Flexible assembly line
  • 10MW–load test equipment
  • Gas and gas turbine test system
  • Low concentration methane mixer system
  • Parallel connection test system
  • PowerLink has been looking for ways to improve its products and processes and invests in the latest and best technology available.
  • Efficient service and quality assurance, from customer requirements to service management after delivery, all processes are managed by software system, and the most complex order requirements are accurately fulfilled without considering the size

Benefits of Powerlink

Sales Service

When you purchase our products, you can order them in the following ways; get our complete parts catalogue and product technical information available on our website or contact us at info@powerlinkworld.co.uk, our staff are always happy to help!

Alternatively, you can leave your details on our contact us page, and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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Up-to-date PROGRESS

ISO9000 quality certification is a fair evaluation and confirmation of the quality standard of PowerLink. Every three years, PowerLink goes through an enhanced ISO9000 certification process. In order to maintain this three-year certification, PowerLink conducts two multi-day audits each year. During this period, the independent audit committee conducts a complete process evaluation and audit from sales, R & D, manufacturing to service. PowerLink provides our customers with the highest quality products every time. Quality is the key to our success. In every aspect of our business, quality is proof. PowerLink is absolutely committed to continuously improving its products, so we can meet and exceed customer expectations in terms of quality, cost and delivery.

Environment Is The Top Priority

  • PowerLink pursues excellence in environmental protection.
  • At PowerLink, environmental protection is the primary management responsibility, and also for every employee.
  • Reducing or eliminating waste generation is a major consideration in process design and operation.
  • ISO 14001 Certification ISO 14001 certification focuses on environmental issues and the company’s management of environmental issues.
  • Environmental protection is an integral part of the Powerlink business ISO 14001 certification demonstrates our commitment and management of important environmental issues Powerlink is committed to protecting the environment through continuous improvement and compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

Powerlink can

  • Customise your program
  • Meet your most demanding specifications
  • Provide advanced technical capability
  • Provides a variety of component design demands
  • Provide packaging options such as wooden pallets or reusable metal structures
  • Provide marketing solutions, such as packaging with a private logo
  • Selection of various logistics solutions

Maintenance Management

  • Everyone knows that quality means reliability.
  • The company’s strong growth is due to customer loyalty, which is because of the reliability of our products – the quality of which is stable every time.
  • Committed to Customer Satisfaction
  • If you happen to have trouble with one of our devices, you can find another aspect of our reliability through our Warranty department, as well as our love of quality and customer satisfaction.
  • The system of special parts management department records the information of each part we sold. According to the replacement cycle table of each part, they can quickly send the parts to you. This is a huge information management system. We have built this system in order to ensure our efficient work and customer satisfaction.

For more information, please contact us via info@powerlinkworld.co.uk

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