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PowerLink biogas generator adopts a modular structure design, which can provide customised solutions for customers. The power, machinery body, structure, and other sub-systems are designed and manufactured using the most advanced standards. The main components are purchased from worldwide top brands, it is selected to ensure the high quality and low operation cost of the overall unit for a quicker ROI.

Gas Generator sets


GE series gas gensets, have a power range of 50KW-1000KW, powered by MAN engine. Products are reliable and durable. Powerlink provides suitable products for investors to meet different application needs according to different installation location and application requirements of each project.

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GE Series PowerLink Gas Genset Detail

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GE Series PowerLink Gas Genset Detail

Heat Exchange System

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Efficient Gas Generation

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Reliable Engine

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Low Noise Design

GE Series PowerLink Gas Genset Detail

Strict Test

GE100-BG 100 38.00%
GE200-BG 200 37.20%
GE220-BG 220 43.40%
GE350-BG 350 41.90%
GE430-BG 430 39.60%
GE520-BG 520 38.80%
GE1000-BG 1000 38.70%
GE66-NG 66 37,00%
GE100-NG 100 38,00%
GE200-NG 200 37,20%
GE220-NG 220 43,40%
GE350-NG 350 41,90%
GE430-NG 430 39,60%
GE520-NG 520 38,80%
GE1000-NG 1000 38,70%
GE100-6BG 100 38.00%
GE220-6BG 220 41.60%
GE100-6NG 100 38,00%
GE150-6NG 150 36,00%
GE200-6NG 200 37,20%
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We insist on manufacturing quality products, environmental protection products, valuable products to serve global users.

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Global Presence

PowerLink Group had been establisehd for 20 years. We are recognised as a rapidly growing and continuosly innovating power product manufacturer in the industry. Heavily investing in our R&D made our products here today

Service is very important to me. PowerLink has its own service packages. Our natural gas to power projects, from the purchase of units, to the installation, commissioning, after-sales service and trusteeship, are handed over to PowerLink. They are highly professional and give them a five-star.

I like the diesel generator sets of PowerLink. What I recognise is the product quality. The stable operation of each unit in the project I’ve invested in makes my investment return more predictable. What I also recognise is the enterprise’s values and the fact that they make every electric power product well.

I have always trusted with PowerLink, because my power generation projects can be completely handed over to them. From every detail of the product, you can feel that they are very professional, the service team is quick to respond to problems, and they are experienced.

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