Gas Genset

PowerLink gas generator adopts a modular structure design, which can provide customised solutions for customers. The power, machinery body, electricity, and other sub-systems are designed and manufactured using the most advanced standards. The main components are purchased worldwide, and top brands are selected to ensure the high quality of the overall unit.

  • Products:
  • GE GE series cogeneration units are high value distributed energy products, power ranges from 50kW-1000kW, the power efficiency is at over 38%. The power system, control system and other core components are selected from international top brands with excellent quality and durability.
  •  GXE GXE series cogeneration units are high cost-effective distributed energy products, the power ranges from 50kW-350kW, the power efficiency is at over 36%. High-performance power system, stable operation and highly durable. The investment cost is low with a short payback period. The modular system is easy to install and can be put into use after a short installation process.
  • TGE TGE series power generation units are high value distributed energy products, power ranges from 600kW - 2000kW, the highest power efficiency can be up to 43.5%. A selection of international top brand engine and alternator is used. The advanced control systems provide intelligent and safe data analysis, this is to ensure the safety and the stability operation of the unit, which makes it highly reliable.
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PowerLink Gas Generator

Biogas Generator

PowerLink biogas generator adopt modular structured design, which can provide customised solutions to our clients. Lean combustion technology is also utilised for higher efficiency and lower emission outputs. GCC742 & PCCcontrol system is used, it is advanced and intelligent, resulting lower labour costs. Open, indoor canopied and outdoor containerised structures can be chosen depending on the application and surrounding environment. These units are designed to run up 8,000 hrs on an annual basis. Overhaul hours can be ranged from 32,000, 48,000 and 64,000 depending on series.
Efficient and Envriomentally

Friendly Energy Solution


Professional air intake and exhaust design, good cooling effect


Fully automatic unattended, automatic start and stop


Low noise, does not affect the rurrounding environment


The unit has stable and reliable operation statuses also able to run continuously


PowerLink Partner

Our 3 manufacturing plants across the globe ensures fast product delivery, with spare parts stock largely available and profeesional R&D team behind the scene for
technical enquiries throughout pre-sales, and after-sales. We also utilise multiple online platforms as a knowledge base to support our partners to obtain handful of materials.




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Service is very important to me. PowerLink has its own service packages. Our natural gas to power projects, from the purchase of units, to the installation, commissioning, after-sales service and trusteeship, are handed over to PowerLink. They are highly professional and give them a five-star.

I like the diesel generator sets of PowerLink. What I recognise is the product quality. The stable operation of each unit in the project I’ve invested in makes my investment return more predictable. What I also recognise is the enterprise’s values and the fact that they make every electric power product well.

I have always trusted with PowerLink, because my power generation projects can be completely handed over to them. From every detail of the product, you can feel that they are very professional, the service team is quick to respond to problems, and they are experienced.

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