How are the control systems used in diesel power stations


The control system is similar to the human brain. Any equipment or system with high operation requirements in modern society needs to be configured with a special control system to control it.

So how do diesel power stations operate? What are the requirements for the control system? What functions can the control system provide?

What are the modes of operation of diesel power stations?

We know that the configuration of diesel power stations needs to be designed according to the actual conditions of the project.

If the place is far away from the urban area and there is no big power grid nearby, we usually consider the island operation mode, which does not need to be connected to the big power grid. At this time, we can adapt the single operation mode or the multi-machine parallel mode. Please refer to below figure 1.



If there is a large power grid attached to the project site and we need to connect the diesel power station and the large power grid to the Internet, we need to choose the grid-connected Internet mode.

At this time, one unit can be connected to the Internet, or multiple units can be connected to the Internet through the bus bar.

Figure 2 shows the online mode of single power generation. If the large power grid fails, the control system receives the signal and closes the GB switch to supply power to the load end.

If the large power grid runs normally, the control system can send signals to the diesel generators and GB switch to stop the generators, and at the same time, the GB switch can complete the control logic operation.


What is the control system of a diesel power station?

We know that the operation condition of the power station determines the choice of the operation mode of the generator set. According to the operation mode requirements, we can determine what type of control system to choose.

Assume that Company A needs to build a power station equipped with two diesel generator sets, and there is a large power grid near the project that can be connected to the Internet.

Now, the project requires two generator sets to adopt the power generation mode of the parallel machine and grid connection to continuously supply the load end.

During the maintenance of the generator set, electricity needs to be supplied through the large power grid, so we need to consider the following points to configure the appropriate control system.

First of all, the general generator set control system manufacturers to have their own configuration, we need to purchase the unit control system requirements, and the main control module of the unit control system needs to have parallel and simultaneous Internet access functions, for example, PowerLink diesel generator factory is equipped with the automatic control system.

The main controller of the control system is Deepsea, ComAp, etc. PLC-7420 system is usually configured in a single unit and isolated network operation mode, the PLC-8610 system is usually configured in multi-unit parallel operation mode, and the PLC-8620 system is usually configured in single or multi-unit grid-connected operation mode.


Secondly, if the power station has a large number of auxiliary equipment, such as oil storage tanks, oil transmission pumps, cooling water tanks, and so on, we also need to consider the configuration of corresponding control systems, such as oil supply system, power distribution and booster system, fire protection system, lightning protection system, lighting system and so on.

These systems cooperate with the unit control system to complete the control operation of the power station.

We also need to consider the problem of power switching in special cases, which needs to be performed by the control system. The generator set has maintenance time every year, during which the unit is shut down.

If the load side still needs a power supply, it needs to be powered by the external grid, as shown in Figure 4 below. Conventional control logic: The unit sends a stop signal to the ATS control cabinet (a power conversion device) through the ATS communication line.

The ATS control cabinet receives the signal and then sends out a signal to cut off the switch of the generator set and close the switch of the external mains end to complete the mains power supply action.

Figure 4
Figure 4

Figure 5
Figure 5

What functions does the power station control system provide?

The power plant control system provides several important functions to ensure the safe, reliable, and efficient operation of the power plant.

The control system of a diesel power station mainly realizes the following functions:

  • ATS control functions
  • Control parameter setting control and remote monitoring
  • Unit parameters, according to operation status display
  • Can realize diesel generating sets of automatic start, automatic cooling down automatic alarm protection function
  • Start interlock
  • Overload protection, operation of the diesel generator, if exceed the safety limits or sensor failure, the control system will overload protection

What are the significant advantages?

A plant control system provides several significant advantages to plant operation, including:

  • Using a high-quality container generator set of modular design has been debugging module control system integration, is very convenient for debugging quickly, and can quickly be put into use.
  • Each control system: power generation system, fuel supply system, power distribution and booster system, fire-fighting system, lightning protection system, lighting system and so on system integration, intelligent high, can reduce artificial, reducing operation cost.
  • Control system with the method of centralized control, for all, advocates. complementary equipment, to conduct a comprehensive monitoring system. Save time and effort, and greatly improve work efficiency.
  • Three-terminal super intelligent control, local control, remote control, and mobile phone APP OSC control, can control monitoring stations running anytime and anywhere.
  • Communications convenience, RS232 / RS485, and other communication ports can be used at the same time.

Figure 6
Figure 6

Figure 7
Figure 7


Diesel power stations are widely used in various scenarios because of their reliability, stability, flexibility, and simplicity. The selection of its control system in various scenarios also puts forward higher requirements for us.

Multiple modes, multi-function, remote control, high intelligence, and so on are the remarkable characteristics of the control system to adapt to complex application scenarios.

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