Our Emission Regulated Generators

Here at PowerLink, we are constantly developing our generators so that they can be used by customers all around the world, this has of course resulted in us developing new models which adhere to the emission regulations implemented by countries in an effort to reduce carbon emissions. In this article we will detail the difference between our emission regulated generators, and the territories that they are sold in.

Tier 4 Final

Our Tier 4 Final (T4F) range of generators have been manufactured to EPA Final Tier 4 Final Emission Standard regulations and are made for our North American customers, with either John Deere or Kubota engines fitted along with a Leroy Somer alternator. We are able to provide a KVA range of 18KVA – 713KVA, making this generator a perfect option for our north American customers who are looking for a generator to run as a prime or standby unit for telecom stations, power stations, data centres or construction sites to name a few.

European Stage V

The European Stage V (EU Stage V) regulations were introduced back in 2019 to replace the previous stage IV regulated generators in Europe. Since the EU Stage V regulations were introduced, we have worked closely with our different engine suppliers Barrus, to allow us to quote our customers with either John Deere, Kubota, FPT, Volvo or Scania engines, providing a KVA range of 10KVA – 737KVA,  to ensure our EU Stage V range of generators adhere to the regulations set by the World Health Organisation (WHO).


Even though we have introduced the regulated models of generators above, we are still producing our non-regulated models for the rest of the world as well, which we are always developing to provide all our customers with a suitable prime and standby rating wherever they are in the world.

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