Our First Move into the Solar Industry

We are proud to announce that we have recently made available our first foray into the solar-powered industry, with the introduction of our new SL60K lighting Tower.

This lighting tower marks a big step in PowerLink’s history with it being our first product to utilise solar power, one of the most used forms of renewable energy in the worldwide market. This lighting tower definitely stands up against our diesel-powered lighting tower alternatives which come fitted with a 90-litre fuel tank and run for a maximum of 30 hours on one tank, as the SL60K Lighting tower can store up to 40 hours of electrical energy and collects 4 hours of power after spending an hour in sunlight and has a light.

Fitted with four 100-watt LED bulbs and fitted with 3 solar panels, 2 of which retracted into the body of the lighting tower, this solar-powered lighting tower is an exciting step forward for us and one that marks the next step in PowerLinks history.

For more information about our SL60K lighting towers, contact our team today using the information below.

Email: info@powerlinkworld.co.uk

Contact Number: +44 1977 689100

Webform: https://powerlinkworld.co.uk/contact/

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