Our Lighting Towers and Air Compressors

Many of our customers know us due to our reputation within the diesel generator and gas generator industries, but what a lot of people don’t know is that we offer more than just generators, as we also produce a vast range of Air Compressors, as well as lighting towers which can also help with our customers power needs.

Air compressors

Available as stationary and mobile options, our range of air compressors come within a super-silent canopy structure that’s also been designed to allow for easy manoeuvrability around a site or easy transportation on the road.  We provide 2 different forms of compressors to facilitate our customers, these being our diesel driven compressors and our screw driven compressors, which both perform the same
function but run-on different forms of energy, with our screw driven compressors able to provide up to 1500CFM and 10 bar maximum working pressure, while our diesel driven compressors provide up to 1050CFM and 24 Bar maximum pressure. From the push of a button, these compressors will start up instantly and provide customers with personalised operating systems, intelligent controls, multiple warning and shutdown protection functions, and many more options allowing us to provide an air compressor perfect for whatever given situation.

Lighting Towers

Our range of lighting towers are a highly reliable efficient lighting unit and are fitted with LED lamps which can cover a large area while also conserving energy. With the range we have created, our lighting towers are a perfect option for customers in different industries such as construction, entertainment, maintenance repair, emergency relief and mining to name just a few. In designing our lighting towers, we have ensured that we use components of the highest quality from accredited international brands that are capable of dealing with any environment the lighting towers are used in, and have also invested in high degree noise reduction technology to ensure that when running the lighting towers don’t disturb anything in the surrounding areas, and finally we have designed the lighting towers to be east to transport, meaning
they can be taken anywhere around the world by our customers.

For more information about our air compressors, or lighting towers, click on the respective links below.

Air compressors – https://powerlinkworld.co.uk/air-compressor/

Lighting Towers – https://powerlinkworld.co.uk/lighting-tower-main/

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