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We have a large number of spare parts in our modern designed warehouse, which is monitored by an intelligent IT system. We can ensure timely response to your requirements with improved delivery times. PowerLink’s online component solutions platform allows users to freely access the spare parts department to provide you with the best spare parts supply solutions in the most efficient way. Our annual stock of spare parts are: engine maintenance spare parts, generator spare parts, control module, automatic test system, maintenance tools, and more!

One Stop Shop

We have a ‘one-stop’ solution to meet all your needs. Our three factories all have complete supply chain of products and components. Resource sharing, global express, fast processing of customer orders and spare parts requirements.What’s more, is that our expertise in the Parts department can guide you to properly through selecting the components required for each generator set.
POWERLINK online parts solution platform

Engine Parts

Power Link provides almost all engine components for our commercially available generators, from a full cylinder to a small gasket. Main engine parts list includes: main engine parts, engine overhaul gaskets etc

Fuel Filter

Poor fuel filtration/water separation causes most fuel injection pumps to fail. 99% of the fuel injection pumps that need to be replaced are contaminated with fuel. Dirt and water in fuel can cause damage to your engine.

Powerlink air filter

Air Filters

We provide the air filter based on matching with the engine, high filtering precision, effectively ensure the clean air into the engine, ensure stable operation of the generator set, extend the service life.

Engine Oil Filters

Oil filters are standardised to ensure long engine life and reliability and minimise wear on core components



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