PowerLink Generators Taking a Bold Step Towards Space

Late last year, one of our Australian partners supplied the Equatorial Launch Australia (ELA) with four 550KVA generators as part of a project to build a satellite launch facility in the Northern territory of Australia which will be used by NASA as part of a multi-year launch program, with the first launch scheduled to take place this year.

The ELA approached our partners due to the overall complexity of the power requirements, due to the power used varying and the required support of synchronising a load dependent system together with a fuel system to keep the facility operating and a main distribution centre controlling all assets at the facility. With all this in mind, four of our 500kva WCS units were chosen by the customer, each fitted with a Cummins engine and Stamford alternator, which were coupled to a fully automatic power distribution main switchboard and a fully automatic system.

But our patrners work didn’t end there, as they designed and manufactured the entire automatic fuel system and main Switchboard, as well as helping the ELA to contact other local Australian companies when looking for their 60,000L Fuel tank. We are both proud and grateful that our generators can be a part of this project, and thankful to our partner for having the trust in our products to use our WCS series as a part of this project.

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