Special Gas

PowerLink special gas generators can be applied in many special gas applications, we have LPG gas genset, Coalbed gas genset, Shale gas genset, Oil and gas genset with good performance as continuous power operation. The power range is from 20kw to 250kw, powered by PowerLink engines which are reliable and durable in harsh outdoor environments. The efficiency can reach up to 40% to make your investment paid back in relatively short period of time.




Special Gas


Quality Control



After nearly 20 years of steady development, we have established a professional, independent, complete manufacturing system. Based on our independent research and development of the information platform, the streamline development, visual design, closed loop quality control, each stage are monitored strictly. The high technological content and high added value are well recognised by the market, PowerLink is committed to become the industry leader in high-end manufacturing to derive high-tech products.

From the designing phrase of product research and development, we ensure it is a closely fit to the market demand. According to different countries and regions, products are designed to meet their needs and the laws and regulations, mainly reflected in the exhaust emission, electrical standards, pressure vessel, explosion-proof, noise control, pollution treatment, safety protection, customization, etc. PowerLink has a comprehensive range to cover the majority markets. Nevertheless, bespoke products can also be offered.

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