Stage V Generators From PowerLink

What is a Stage V generator?

A Stage V generator is specifically designed to reduce emissions levels for NOx and Particulates released into the atmosphere, and as the name suggests meets the Stage V NRMM legislation. The generators meet the legislation by utilising numerous catalysts and filters throughout the generator to reduce emissions.

Our EU Stage V diesel generator sets, with a power range of 9 – 660kVA, are a power solution developed for the European market with Euro Stage V Emission as standard. By reducing the emissions to the lowest amount possible, this series is made to help protect the environment for years to come.

We adopt reliable engine brands like John Deere, Kubota, Scania, FTP and Volvo, which have integrated advanced technologies with field proven solutions to meet each regulatory tier. A single engine control unit (ECU) manages the engine and entire Integrated Emissions Control system.

What does Stage V mean for end users?

A Stage V generator works exactly the same as a standard or Stage IIIA generator, the only difference is the emissions that the generator produces, given the Stage V genset is more environmentally friendly than its predecessors. Stage V will be making its way nationwide in the UK and the demand is already in place, but at the moment the government is being lenient towards it being rolled out due to certain supply issues out of manufactures control.

Why do we have Stage V regulations?

The introduction of these regulations is part of the UK government NET zero initiative in which will hopefully result in the decarbonising of all sectors in the UK by 2050. By introducing the Stage V restrictions, this is the first step towards reaching the targets within the NET zero initiative which regulates carbon emissions and of particulates released.

How can I obtain and find more information about a PowerLink Stage V Generator?

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