warranty policy

powerlink (UK) warranty policy

Warranty Period

During the warranty period, users will enjoy our PowerLink generators warranty through our customer service department, and authorised customer service centres or your local distributors with the following terms.

Should you have any questions or concerns about your PowerLink generators, please contact your local distributor.

If you need other assistance, please call our Customer Service Hotline: +44 (0)1977 681990 or send e-mail to: info@powerlinkworld.co.uk


  1. Whole Set Warranty Period

Remark: The whole set warranty period is based on the date of dispatch and operation hours. The one which is due first is used as the criterion, unless different specific regulations are made in this manual or in relevant commercial contracts.


Diesel Generator Sets and Lighting Towers:








Delivery time (months)


Common Sets







  1. Repaired Parts Warranty Period


If the repaired or replaced accessories and spare parts are genuine and are from PowerLink, six months warranty is provided. If not, no warranty is provided.

All the repaired or replaced accessories and spare parts or generating sets can only enjoy the remaining time of warranty period of the original accessories, spare parts or generating sets.


Warranty Coverage


  1. Repair Range


Repair range in warranty coverage covers the repair of damages caused by materials or craftworks. Damages are repaired through using new accessories and spare parts or re-manufactured accessories and spare parts.


      2. Repair Fee


The fee (including spare part and labor work) caused by repairing damages in warranty coverage will not billed to the user.


      3. Repair Time


PowerLink, authorized distributors or authorised service centres will respond quickly to your requirement for repairing damages under warranty and reasonable time when needed to repair the damages.


       4. Damages not in Warranty Coverage


Damages caused by accidents, improper operation or replacing parts:

Damages caused by any of the following reasons are not covered by the warranty:

Damages caused by accidental collision, burning, theft, freezing, devastation, or natural disasters such as earthquake, lightning strike, fire, flood or other force majeure (for example, war);

Damages caused by remodeling on the final assembled generating sets, replacing spare parts, including changing the canopy, engine, alternator, base tank and spare parts;

The running time cannot be read due to timer not powered or connected to work or the time is purposely changed.

Damages and erosion caused by environment or chemical treatment

Damages caused by radioactive air (chemistry, etc.), acid rain, stone, hailstone, earthquake, hurricane, lighting, chemistry, etc., are not in the coverage.

Damages caused by improper operation, insufficient maintenance or improper repair

Damages caused by transportation, improper installation, or repair unrecognized by PowerLink;

Accessories or products are used in violation of the law or for obvious vicious purposes;

Damages caused by man-made improper operation, insufficient maintenance, not maintaining the machine regularly as regulated in this manual and operations manual, or not using the liquid, fuel, lubricant and coolant recommended are not in the warranty coverage. For example, if the damages to the engines are caused by not using the proper fuel according to the environmental temperature, then it is not covered by the warranty.

Damages directly or indirectly caused by improper repair and consequent malfunctions and damages are not in the warranty coverage.


        5. Not able to provide required documents


Those who are not able to provide PowerLink with required documents or provided documents that are invalid (Product Warranty Card is valid within three months after the products leave the factory) cannot get the warranty.

Those who are not able to provide PowerLink with the original maintenance records and repair documents (when reporting troubles or if required by Power Link or suppliers of Powerlink) cannot get the warranty.


        6. Vulnerable parts and daily used spare parts


Vulnerable parts, daily used spare parts (for example engine oil cleaner, by-pass oil filter, diesel cleaner, water cooling cleaner, belt, battery, engine oil, antifreeze, anti-corrosion, fuse tube, nozzle tips, etc.) are not in the warranty coverage.


        7. Spare parts specified or provided by customers


Spare parts (not including engine and alternator) specified by the customer but not covered by the standard spare parts range provided by PowerLink are not in the warranty coverage.

Accessories or spare parts provided by the customer are not in the coverage.


        8. Not Using PowerLink authorised Spare Parts


Damages caused directly or indirectly by not using PowerLink genuine spare parts or using spare parts not recognized by PowerLink are not in the warranty coverage.


        9. Extra Expenditure


Warranty does not include the economic loss or extra expenditure due to downtime, for example:

Economic loss and time loss due to not using the generator sets

Expenditure for storing generator sets

Loss due to inconvenience


Other Warranty Regulations

  1. Repairing and replacing accessories and spare parts


PowerLink provides services to repair or replace some accessories and spare parts. The warranty period of the repaired or replaced accessories and spare parts is subject to warranty period for accessories and spare parts as described above.


      2. Anti-corrosion maintenance of gensets (mainly soundproof sets)


Power Link generator sets are specially treated against corrosion. Additional maintenance against corrosion is unnecessary; moreover it may decrease the anti-corrosion performance of your machine. The damages caused by anti- corrosion products are not covered by the warranty.


      3. Painting and appearance


The items concerning painting and appearance are generally well-finished. Please refer to operations manual for the maintenance guide for painting and other appearance items.


      4. Remodeling of original equipment


The damages or failure caused by remodeling or changing the original equipment are not covered by the warranty. For example, damages or failure caused by installing or using any accessories, or spare parts or materials not from PowerLink; or remodeling, cutting, welding or removing the original components or spare parts are not covered by the warranty.


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